Commissioned by and in co-operation with Dornier Technologie GmbH we carried out design work on the 2-seater amphibian aircraft Dornier S-RAY 007 (Libelle). The aircraft’s maiden flight was undertaken by Gerhard Thalhammer on 14th July 2007 in Friedrichshafen (

Technical data:

  • Seats: 2
  • Engine: Rotax 914 (85kW)
  • MTOM: 700kg
  • Wing span: 9m

SFL GmbH is responsible for aircraft development and configuration and the 3D design of the fuselage, wings, tail unit and controls.

A test vehicle in a scale of 1 to 4 was built and operated by SFL GmbH to carry out preliminary examinations of flight and floating characteristics.

Design was undertaken completely in 3D using Catia V5. The resulting data were then used directly to make the female moulds and for lasered and water-jet cut parts. Complete construction documentation was also provided by this system.

SFL GmbH subsequently supported prototype construction.

Further information on the Do S-Ray 007 is available from: