We were tasked with the design and construction of a single-seater subsonic jet trainer. In addition to designing the CFRP structure, a further focal point was the aerodynamic design and the determination of expected flight performance. To this end, the computational software Tornado was employed. To verify the calculations and to further improve flight characteristics, SFL GmbH designed and built a test vehicle in a scale of 1 to 3 and installed its own measuring equipment to collect flight data.


Versuchsträger Deltajet:

Test vehicle Deltajet:

Model data: Scale 1 to 3, wing span 2.00 m, mass including equipment 13 kg

Propulsion unit: Turbine JetCat P160, 160 N thrust, 1.2kg fuel

GPS and IMU: Position and motion, turn rates and acceleration about 3 axes

Air data sensor: static and pitot pressure, angle of attack and slip angle, air temperature

Measuring computer with integrated RC receiver and memory card logs 80 sets of data per second: sensor values, control commands, propulsion unit data