PENTA is an in-house development of SFL-GmbH. PENTA serves as a prototype for testing and integration of an appropriate autopilot for hybrid configurations (VTOL with capability of conventional cruising flight). The development of the autopilot is carried out together with the Institute of Flight Mechanics of the University of Stuttgart.

PENTA is very suitable for missions requiring VTOL capabilities combined with long range and/or endurance.

Technical specifications:

  • min. flying weight 8,4 kg (endurance only with batteries 30 min.)
  • max. take off weight 10 kg
  • payload 1,6 kg
  • lift off by electric engines, hovering flight 6 min. + 3 min. reserve
  • cruise flight by electric or combustion engine
  • long range and long endurance (equipment with combustion engine )
  • precise pre-programmed flight path
  • controlled by ground station and waypoints
  • automatic landing on small areas
  • middle-fuselage flexible for various missions


Mögliche Anpassungen für:

  • oberservation
  • transport of medicaments
  • 3D-measurements
  • agriculture monitoring
  • prevention of hail