Solar Impulse is the largest solar-powered aircraft in the world. This single-seater aircraft was designed to fly non-stop for several days. This in turn demanded an extremely lightweight construction.

Wing span 63,4 m
Length 21,85 m
Height 6,4 m
Mass 1600 kg
Engines 4 electrical engines with 10 PS each
Solar cells 11628

SFL GmbH played a consulting role during the design phase and was able to call on the experience gained from the solar aircraft project icaré.

Furthermore, SFL GmbH was also responsible for the design and construction of the landing gear and the two-blade propeller with a radius of 3.5 m (solar-impulse -1).

Both of these components involve the lightweight construction of highly stressed structures.

Designing was undertaken using the 3D-CAD software Catia V5 which allowed the direct transfer of data to CNC machines to produce extremely accurate female moulds.

Landing gear design required special consideration being given to the problems of extreme cross-wind landings which due to airspeed and size could be expected to be experienced by an aircraft of this configuration. Damping was also improved by integrating an innovative crash element.