You can use the SFL GmbH equipment for test flights to carry out diverse measurements on your aircraft (manned or unmanned) in flight.

The system can measure all data required to determine flight characteristics. The data are stored on a memory card at a rate of up to 100 Hz.

The following data can be recorded:

  • Control inputs
  • Deflection angle of control surfaces
  • Static and dynamic pressure
  • Air temperature
  • Angle of attack and slip angle
  • Position, altitude and velocity from GPS
  • Pitch and roll angles
  • Three axis acceleration and rotation rates
  • Engine condition
  • Video signal

The equipment can either be bought or leased from SFL GmbH. Of course, we can also support you during your project.

Examples of where our test flight equipment was used:

  • Amphibian aircraft Dornier S-Ray 007
  • Vela