A Supplementary Type Certification (STC) for the LS8-t (trade name LS8-st) was approved by EASA (EASA TCDS No. A.048) for the installation of an alternative system for engine extension under the approval number EASA.A.S.01695.

The electrical system comprising an actuator and a gas spring were replaced by a manually operated hydraulic system. In addition, the electrical engine control and monitoring unit was replaced by other displays and operating units. This also resulted in changes to the fuel system and the engine box.

LS8-th is the project name for the „LS8-t with a hydraulic extension system“ modification.

Holder of STC EASA.A.01695 is

Steinbeis Transferzentrum
Aerodynamik, Flugzeug- und Leichtbau
Baumwiesenweg 6b
70569 Stuttgart

Manuals and Check Lists

DG-Flugzeugbau (www.dg-flugzeugbau.de) is the manufacturer and type certification holder of all other LS8-series gliders.