Construction and Calculations

We use the analytical and comprehensive methods provided by Mathcad to stress the components which are to be constructed, usually from fibre composite materials. Designing is carried out using CATIA.

Fibre composite construction, own test workshop

We can call on vast experience from the production of gliders, powered gliders, aircraft, propellers and machine components, built using hand lamination, sandwich construction, RTM and  vacuum infusion methods. We can make test components and prototypes in our own workshop or support the production of prototypes in the workshops of our clients.


Production of test components made of fibre composite materials and conducting strength tests

We can produce the fibre composite structures we design in our own test workshop and also carry out any relevant tests there. We have our own measuring equipment for strain gauges and forces. For a small fee, we are also able to use equipment belonging to the University of Stuttgart which is only three minutes away (test machinery, wind tunnels, etc.)

Type certification

One of our core competencies is the support we offer to our clients during type certification in the CS-22 , CS-23 CS-P, CS-VLA and ASTM F 2245 categories. SFL GmbH holds an EASA Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation (ADOA) approval.


Own Workshop

We have our own workshop which is divided into an electronic laboratory and an assembly section.
Tools and equipment for electronic development and integration and for the production of fibre composite parts using hand lamination or low-pressure processes are available on site.

Aircraft design, propeller design, flight physics, loads

Designing aircraft and propellers according to customer specifications and requirements is another one of our core competencies. The expected flight performance data and masses are determined. We also define the air and ground loading conditions for the aircraft and determine the loads for the individual components and at typical cross-sections.


System design, integration, measurements in flight

  • Systems engineering, electronics, avionic systems – laboratory for development, production, maintenance
  • Flight data logger for analogue, digital and serial signals, flight controller
  • Air data probe to measure incident flow
  • Interfacing for hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Software development
  • PC programming for interactive tools and embedded systems
  • Microcontroller programming: C, Assembler
  • Simulation of aircraft, off-line and HIL
  • Measurements in flight
  • Planning, implementation and analysis
  • Radio transmission of measuring and control data, video
  • Adjustment and use of hardware and software

Partner in the joint research project K 2020 (Airbus, IFB, IFR, SFL GmbH) Sub-project P1

Design and construction of a demonstrator model for a blended wing-body aircraft. Subcontractor within the LUFO research project K 2020 along with several other partners, including IFB University of Stuttgart, DLR Braunschweig and Airbus.
Contributions from SFL GmbH:

Development of measuring equipment, testing and integration in a test vehicle
Integration and construction of a demonstrator model
Development of measuring electronic equipment for flight testing to identify aircraft derivatives


Compliance verification office for microlight aircraft commissioned by DAeC and DULV

As part of the type certification procedure for microlight aircraft, we check the structural integrity, flight testing and flight manual data. Once the building inspector has checked the documentation, design and construction, we make a recommendation of approval to DAeC (German Aero Club) or DULV (German Microlight Association).